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Non-profit idea - Two Cents of Hope

Two Cents of Hope strives to improve the lives of underprivileged children in India by providing scholarships to students, infrastructure support to ailing education institutions, and computer education to kids in rural areas.

At Opportunity Hack, TCH is looking to connect with donors via a mobile app that can integrate data from multiple sources and can show student profiles, enable donors to communicate with students, offer a payment solution, etc.

If you'd like to be part of the team hacking for this idea, make sure to be present at the team formation session on the morning of the hackathon after each nonprofit has pitched their problem.

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    Here's more fine grained details on what our requirements are. Please ping me back if you need rough mockups and I can send them. Feel free to add or delete from the set of requirements. We're open to suggestions


    With more and more people going mobile, Two Cents of Hope is looking to connect with its donors in a new way. Two Cents of Hope is looking to have a mobile application (Apple or Android app) with the following capabilities:

    Core Capabilities:
    1. Show profiles of students who currently need funding to go to school with the following details. The profiles must preferably be presented in a Pinterest like format.
    a. Name of the student
    b. Age
    c. Class
    d. Total Amount required
    e. Parent occupation and income
    f. Previous performance grades(Previous class Percentage)
    g. Donate button (with partial amount donation)
    h. Map showing approx. location of the student
    i. Share buttons to post on social channels so that a person and his/her social network can collectively send the student to school
    j. Show percentage of target amount reached graphically
    2. Login for every person using the app so we know we are giving out student info to people who are really serious and interested in funding
    3. Integrate with Paypal for Payment (or any other form of payment)
    4. Connect with Salesforce to fetch student data (Data currently stored on Salesforce)
    5. Maintain map of of donors to students who are funded
    6. Send notifications to donors in the app whenever new data becomes available about the student (Performance, updates etc)
    7. Notification of new student profiles who need funding to current app users
    8. Donors must be able to leave messages for students – Text, Voice or video messages. For example, wishes for examination,

    Additional / Optional Capabilities:
    1. Two Cents of Hope gives out coin boxes to donors for free. We encourage coin box holders to put small change into coin boxes (unused cents, dimes, nickels etc). Our volunteers collect coins from coin boxes every 3-4 months and the money pooled is used to send kids to school. To help our volunteers and coin box owners better coordinate and collect the coins, we need the following capabilities
    a. Coin box owners register their coin boxes through the app
    b. When the coin box becomes full, coin box owner can send a request for coins to be collected. Location info of the coin box is automatically sent through the app along with phone number
    2. A way to send notification about upcoming events, achievements, calls for volunteers etc (Generic notification system to reach donors)

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