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If you have an idea you'd like to submit as a participant, the idea must meet these criteria:

1. It must serve a disadvantaged population or address a broad social issue (e.g. Health care, Education), and
2. It must meet the needs of the target audience

If your idea meets these criteria and you'd like to form a team:

1. Post it to the Discussions tab as a new topic by 11:59 pm Thursday Oct 9th. If your idea does not meet the contest guidelines we will inform you by Friday Oct 10th.

2. You must bring your own team to the event to hack for this idea or recruit your own team between today and Thursday Oct 10. Feel free to proactively connect with other participants before the event to form your team.

The pitch session on the day of the event will ONLY be for non-profit submitted ideas, so if you are bringing an idea, make sure to recruit your team beforehand.

Looking forward to changing the world this weekend and impacting millions of people.

-Opportunity Hack team


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