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almost 8 years ago

Final Steps for today..

Good Morning,

Hope you are still awake and enjoying hacking towards your final solutions. Please review the following few things relevant for today.

  • Teams who have not submitted their code into their Opportunity Hack Github repo would not be eligible for judging.
  • Teams checking in their code into their Opportunity Hack Github repo after 2:00 pm would be penalized.
  • All updates (including links to GitHub, presentations, team information, etc.) to ChallengePost must be submitted by hitting the "Submit For Review" or "Save" buttons by 2:45 pm to be considered for judging.
  • We will be preload presentations on a single laptop by collecting them from ChallengePost.  If you are doing a live demo, you can use your own laptop.
  • We appreciate demos more than presentations. :)
  • Please make sure you review the judging criteria to ensure you cover all the detailed requirements.

OpportunityHack Team