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almost 8 years ago

Thank you!


We hope all of you are rested now that we are 3 days after the end of Opportunity Hack. Thank you all for your passion and energy that you brought to the hackathon. It was a huge success. We had 90 participants who connected with 14 nonprofits to empower them.

We hope you also enjoyed our closing keynote and have put in thought to what will be on your promise cards. We hope that one of them is to continue to stay connected to your nonprofit partner to continue to help them.

We will be reaching out to the winners over the next few days with more details about payments, lunches with our CTO and CPO, interviews, etc., If you are on the winning team and a student looking to work at ebay/PayPal, please let us know so that we can arrange for your interviews by sending an email to

We would love to hear from you. We did recieve some of your feedback through the surveys. If there is anything you can think of, please share with us.

Thank you,

Opportunity Hack Team